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  Our Philosophy

         The Well Woman Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic is a highly renowned, Integrated and leading Woman Care clinic in the Red Sea. Our clinic is well equipped with all the facilities that makes you feel warm, and at home. We are located in the center of Hurghada city.  We continues to maintain the highest level of consultancy and offers Senior Advisers with the most concurrent and advanced knowledge regarding all subjects within the era of Well Woman Care. (Read more)


       Is to practice excellent medicine with quality hospitality on a human scale: this is the challenge we take every day. A strong and ambitious commitment, for your safety and serenity.
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What Every Women Needs
To Know ?

Making Sense of PAP Smear & HPV test

What is the cervix?
        The cervix is the opening (mouth ) of your uterus (womb). It is a crucial part of a woman's reproductive system.

What is cervical cancer?

         Cancer can grow on a woman’s cervix, the same way it can grow on other body parts. Most times, cervical cancer forms slowly. Cervical cancer often does not cause symptoms until it is advanced. When cervical cancer is advanced, it may cause abnormal bleeding, discharge, or pain.

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